Re-inventing Mitchell & Kenyon: Local Films for Local People at IFFR 2018

At this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam, as part of the Critics’ Choice IV programme, Dr Peter Walsh & I staged a contemporary cinema-going film experiment. Bringing the films of Mitchell & Kenyon to life, with a live cinema event, we showed several of their films on 35mm at Rotterdam’s amazing venue, WORM. We alsoContinue reading “Re-inventing Mitchell & Kenyon: Local Films for Local People at IFFR 2018”

A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Heritage Workshop

As my interest in early cinema continues to grow, so too does my curiosity. For a while now I’ve wondered: What do those marvellous looking objects in glass cabinets actually do? Visits in the last two years to the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum in Exeter, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, and to theContinue reading “A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Heritage Workshop”